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Florida Sews Together 2016

This year we had a meeting of the Florida presidents on Friday to discuss our ideas and challenges.  

Attendees trickled in during the afternoon and evening, some before our shopping trip to The Quilt Place and some after.  Many thanks to Teresa for keeping the shop open for us!  I know I found some gorgeous fabric for a top, among other things! We also received a free gift from Teresa!  What’s better than that!!

Saturday we had a choice of attending a class or working on a project of our own.  I chose to work on my own, then thought maybe I should have taken the class as people came in!  It was a zipper bag made from a candy wrapper!  They were so cute!  So many different bags, linings and we tasted some of the contents!   One person made a bag out of a M&M bag and lined it with M&M material, so darned cute!  

We had a wonderful lunch the Holiday Inn provided, we never leave there hungry!  I continued on to the Heirloom Jewelry Pouch, looks so difficult and is sooo easy!  I think my favorite was the Elegant Tee, it is a one piece pattern!  So easy to make and so comfortable!  I went home and made a simple white knit tee and love it!  I have another lined up!  

I also took the Shrink Magic Eyeglass Case, what fun!   I had never used Shrink Magic, to see that piece of fabric just shrivel up to make a glamorous dress was fantastic!  There were different finishes for the hems so each one looked different.  Who thinks up these things?

We had an edge to edge quilting demo, and an iron caddy tote class as well.  I didn’t take these, but I did get to look at the variety of finished ones!  Someone also showed a sample of a caddy for a small iron, so cute!  That’s the one I am going to follow up on.

We did have a wine and cheese night, I do like wine!  There were several varieties and cheese….. Many cheeses to choose from, Yummy!  I felt I needed to taste test so no-one would get an inferior wine or cheese, I am happy to say they were all yummy!  People added their dishes, crackers, dips etc.  All which were delicious, ask me how I know!!


We would love to have you next year to share the fun and learning, please think about it, you have time to save!!

 Marcia Barnaby
Titusville Spacecoast Chapter